There are thousands of services out there today that tout 70 and 80% winners, guaranteed plays, locks of the century, etc. However, let's face it there are no guarantees in this industry. What BP Sports, LLC "guarantees" however, is giving you the most personalized service in the industry today with cutting edge up-to-date information. We live in a "what-have you done for me lately" and "instant gratification" society today. Therefore, the emphasis for BP Sports is not about marketing but about winning. It's about maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses. It's about preaching consistency and money management and at the end of the day coming out on top.

"Less Marketing, More Profits"

BP Sports is 463-369-16 (56%) on their Powers' Picks star-rated newsletter picks for 2015-2019 in NFL/College. Click the link below to see EVERY SINGLE PICK EVER made by us.



2019 College Basketball VIP Picks went 118-81-5 (59%). 2018 College Basketball VIP Picks Went 51-35-1 (59%). 2017 March Madness star-rated picks went 8-2-1 (80%) and 2019 NBA playoffs star-rated picks went 9-4 (69%).

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